ABG Rubber & Plastics

Over 35 years' experience in material specification

To meet the ever increasing demands of our customers we can supply a full range of laminates and non metallic engineering materials in either stock shape form or as a finished machined component. Laminates reinforced with paper, cotton and glass fibres, bonded with phenolic, epoxy, silicone or polyimide resins. Please see below for a list of the more popular materials available. Should you not find what you are looking for then please contact our experienced sales team who will endeavour to help.


BS2572/P1 Tufnol® 1P/13®
BS2572/P2 Tufnol® 1P/21
BS2572/P3 Tufnol® Kite
BS2572/P4 Tufnol® Heron
BS6128/ PF CP 91 Tufnol® Kite
BS6128/ PF CP 21 & 22 Tufnol® Swan


BS2572/F1 Tufnol® Carp
BS2572/F2 Tufnol® Whale
BS2572/F6 Tufnol® 6F/45
BS EN 61212-3-2 EP CC 31 Tufnol® 6F/45
BS EN 61212-3-3 EP CC 41 Tufnol® 6F/45
BS EN 61212-3-2 PF CC 31 Tufnol® Carp
BS EN 61212-3-3 PF CC 41 Tufnol® Carp
BS EN 61212-3-2 PF CC 33 Tufnol® Whale
BS EN 61212-3-3 PF CC 42 Tufnol® Whale


BS3953/EP3 & 4 Tufnol® 10G/40 & 41
BS3953/EP5 Tufnol® 10G/42
BS3953/EP7 Tufnol® 10G/44
BS6128/ EP GC 21 Tufnol®10G/40